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Our unique approach

Our approach is unique - it discusses with the Top Team but really starts with your employees. From day one we position automation transformation as a change project for your company.

Our Proof of Automation Value (PoAV)© assesses the potential usage of automation enablers as a starting point for achieving competitive advantage. This is a quick, four week long focussed activity.

But we do start in the business - and not in the IT or digital team. We integrate the employees - as they know best where the "pockets of stupidity" are that need to be changed. Doing so enables also the later education necessities and identifies Gaps early.

Following will be a process which prioritizes the needed business changes and related change management activities.

Our common teams will work in sprints to achieve the set actions, targets and implement automations.

We embark on the journey together - and our fees are solidly linked to the achieved value - not to maximizing daily charges.

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