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Real intelligent business automation is about people!

Automation is not about technology. Automation is not about processes. Automation is about people!

The demographic challenge of European firms cannot be overcome by automation. However, automation can help to focus your human capital exclusively on value creating activities in all functional areas.

​About 20% of human work is wasted with stupid, repetitive computer work. IT Departments are wasting up to 30% of their working time with basic activities (Source: 

Automation can help to overcome the shortage of qualified employees and help focussing your company team on your real business problems.

At Automate! Europe we’re passionate about our value realization method. We drive holistic process efficiencies and measurable company specific results through a logical and unprecedented combination of leading technologies* (leading technologies according to Gartner Inc.). We combine methodological steps of process transparency, process modulation and process excellence with the smart use of our European quality delivery centres. We embed our methodology at our clients through our process and automation governance capabilities. We achieve sustainable automation solutions that drive immediate value for our clients through process and organizational optimisation. The created value can be used for the re-education of your employees towards digital workers of the future.

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