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Our automation academy

Ride and learn (R&L)

It does not take much to learn new topics. Just a nice environment and tutors who understand your views - and are experts in the subject. We are just that.

Our "ride and learn seminars" are entry seminars that get you and your brain moving! Close to the mountains in Switzerland we decided to have "Mountain" sessions - riding the board or skies during the winter or hiking during the summer - and having quick topic specific sessions during breaks. R&Ls happen Fridays - and can be company specific if requested. They are cheap, quick and FUN! Ask Us!  

Introduction to Automation (I to A)

Automation has many facets. This seminar covers the basics, describes the automation market players and potential future technological developments. We do cover company specific questions up to the level where we understand your company characteristics. 

Once you have finished the seminar you will understand what automation really is, how it can help wasting stupid work and which value potential it might bring to your job and how it enriches your role.

Automation examples will be shown during the seminar.

Assessing Automation Potential (AAP)

This seminar helps you to understand how to build the right business case before starting an Automation Journey. Main activities, timeframes as well as organizational dependencies will be covered. A lot of helpful templates will be shared.

Automation Operations (AO)

Automating a business process or even the majority of a business function is one thing, making sure it runs smoothly and without issues is another thing. This seminar discusses organizational necessities, learning requirements and operational activities. It shows necessary organizational as well as personal capabilities for the different tools. It forms the basis of creating and Automation Center of Expertise (ACoE).

Automation Governance (AG)

To automate an organisation changes not only processes and organizational capabilities. It dramatically changes leadership functions of the enterprise. It therefore defines new requirements for the companies Top Leadership Team. This seminar is targeted at the Leadership Team Level to help designing a proper company specific automation governance that can cope with future digital requirements.

N.B.: All seminars of our academy can be booked as inhouse seminars also.

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